Welcome to SGNE Ltd

Machinery servicing for the commercial horticultural trade

Who are we?

A machinery service company primarily focused on servicing machinery and equipment related to the commercial horticultural trade.

With vast expertise in this field and also an in depth knowledge of growing, we can help with all of your machinery maintenance and setup needs as well as general glasshouse related equipment repairs.

Need advice?

The inefficient running of machinery you may already have, can be extremely costly not only in terms of the long term cost of repairs but also in poor production rates, especially from bad setup. We are here to help your business run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We give advice on the best way to get the most out of what you already have, from potting machine or trayfiller to a sophisticated transplanter and also on the best machinery available to improve your specific needs.

First class service

If you have a break down, SGNE can get you back up and running again in a timely and efficient manner minimising the disruption to your planting schedules. Spare parts can be supplied for most makes of machines, we specialise in being able to supply almost all makes of compost elevator chains, if you need anything please do get in contact and SGNE will be happy to help.

We can service your TTA